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  • What is the next project that Jengo requires volunteers for?
    We have a project called The Smart Village. This initiative aims to provide education and capacity building to empower Maasai communities in Longido district, Tanzania, through technology. Partners such as Microsoft, Lenovo, the Savory Institute and other stakeholders are joining us in the effort to support existing womens´ groups on matters such as how to make their villages "smarter" and more sustainable by empowering them with tools and knowledge that make them better at adapting to climate change and its effects. We seek students that can help assist our local partners in the facilitation of workshops, where you will have a role in matters such as building a framework to collect data and knowledge sharing.
  • What skills are required of Jengo´s volunteers and when can they be put to use?
    We are looking for volunteers based in Denmark with one of the following competencies to help us in the field in Longido, northern Tanzania. Agriculture Veterinary students or practitioners who can help assist our local partners in organizing and facilitating workshops on areas such as identifying sickness amongst livestock. Students of agriculture who can help assist our local partners on matters such as sustainable land use and farming - in particular in areas affected by extreme drought. Students of research and/or sustainability who can help assist our local research team with collecting data in the field.. Next trip will be on the 05/11/21 and we need students who can help assist for 4 - 10 days (depending on availability,) between the 06/11/21 and 20/11/21.
  • Where are the volunteers going to stay and how much will the trip cost?
    The trip with approx. cost between 5.000 - 8.000 DKK in total, depending on whether or not one also chooses to combine volunteer efforts with a sarafi, a climb to Africa´s highest mountain (Mt Kilimanjaro) or to sock up some sun at Zanzibar before or after your vonlunteer work in the field. Flights options to Tanzania and village sites in Longido area, is either through Arusha, Tanzania or Nairobi, Kenya Daily living costs vary, but a benchmark would be around 300-400 DKK per day for hotel, food, transport and other expenses. Longido, the focal point of our efforts in this project, is located in close proximity to Arusha, from which you can easily set up a base.
  • Who can I contact for more information?
    You are welcome to contact Lars-Ulrik Nielsen through email, or telephone at 0045 25 33 03 52 for more information. Lars-Ulrik will be leading the trip to Tanzania during this period, together with a group of volunteers from Microsoft and students from different Danish universities. On the trip you will be in good company amongst passionate people.
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